Assembly lines

Direct development and complete realization of technological assembly lines


Automatic machines

Direct development and complete realization of fully automatic machines


Tools and injection molds

Direct development and complete realization of Tools and injection molds


We offer to our customers a complete services in project implementation



Development of new automation technology and equipment using the most advanced CAD / CAE technology.

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Mechanical engineering

Many years of experience in the development of the construction of assembly lines and automated operations. Our design team is ready to meet any customer requirements.

Machinery manufacturing

Production of components using advanced CNC machining techniques. Thanks to modern machines we are able to produce any complex components from common machine parts after the injection molds and tools.


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Thanks to strict compliance with our priorities and goals we have ahead of the competition.

Project done on time

From our experience we know that timely delivery term project is the basic for success. Based on this fact, we have always prepare second solution to the realization of the project (primary: Supplier No.1 / secondary: Supplier No.2). This measure allows us offer to our customers high standard guarantee of timely delivery of the functional project.

Always avaliable

We are ready 24 hours a day to respond to the requirements of our customers. Quick response to requirements are our top priority, this priority we keep ahead of the competition.

Proffesional and responsible

We approach to each customer individually and we are able to offer a professional tailor-made solutions. Our machines are shipped to EU countries, this activity is associated with the ability to communicate with international compliance with the International Code of Ethics. Due to the high demands of the international industry we move forward our skills and limits.


Our long-term customers include many international companies from various industries

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logo_reconstruction Development company engaged in the design and construction of fully automatic machines and assembly lines in Automotive and Aerospace industry.