Company information

The company was founded in January 2013 as a purely design agency specializing in external developing and construction activities. Since the middle of 2013, the company has been specializing in the supply of products and services within the field of industrial automation, consultancy, development of assembly lines and machines up to robotized work-sites.

The company has its own development and design office and own assembly facilities with all necessary modern equipment. Production of individual components has been implemented in a wide network of our renowned manufacturing partners who are able to cover all the necessary technologies. During the process of developing the single-purpose machines, the company uses the latest CAD technologies (CAD system of SolidWorks series) and cooperates with the leading suppliers and experts in the field of automation.

The company’s strategy is set up for ensuring a quick response to customer requirements and high-quality workmanship of all our products. Thanks to the successful fulfilment of these pillars, we are able to provide our customers with a standard warranty of 24 months and delivery of completed work within a period of 2 – 8 weeks (machines of medium complexity) and a period of 8 – 16 weeks (complex assembly lines).

Final assembly and commissioning of the equipment is provided by a team of experienced construction employees. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.


logo_reconstruction Development company engaged in the design and construction of fully automatic machines and assembly lines in Automotive and Aerospace industry.